An overprotective nanny of a droid.


“Goodness me Master, look at that face of yours. You look pale and sickly, I should know. I have over 4000 recorded saturation-samples of your skin Master, the colour really doesn’t suit you. Let me call your parent and see if we can get you a proper doctor this time… No?… Oh bother…”


Czerka Arms Protocol Droid B9-4R5-GE3 was assigned to Lionel Dimarr as a tutor, mentor and nanny. Commonly referred to by Lionel as Bee-Nine.

Bee-Nine had a hard-wired protocol to never take any action that might endanger Lionel, and as his status as a fugitive progressed, his only way of keeping contact with his family was through Bee-Nine.
The GE3-series protocol droid was a bipedal protocol droid manufactured by Czerka Corporation. Vaguely resembling later models from Cybot Galactic.


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