Toydarian major-domo


“You can be rich without knowing how to be powerful but you cannot be powerful without credits.”

Genko was a wily Toydarian with pale blue skin and an extravagant snout, born aloft by constantly flapping wings.


Not much was known about Genko, apart from the fact that after the foiled assassination attempt on his boss Bargos, the Hutt started to rely on his Toydarian Major-domo more and more. Genko after that handled the day-to-day operations of Bargos’ criminal organization, and was said to be a loyal follower who made every effort to protect Bargos and his interests.

There was a rumor that there was more to meet the eye with the aloof Toydarian, and that the reason Bargos kept him around was that he was the one that foiled the assassination attemt many years ago.


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