Ithan Bas'Katar

A ruthless Bounty Hunter, looking for vengeance against those who wronged his clan.


Age: 34
Place of birth: Mandalore


Ithan’s Family

Ithan’s Goals

Common behaviour

Onboard The Twilight Flash

When Ithan was seen inside the ship he was often found inside the gunners cabin in the front. He spent most of his time tinkering or welding with the door shut. Inside the gunners cabin Ithan would listen to Mandalorian music, he had managed to reroute the music system and isolate it to his area so he could manage the music from where he was seated. He also liked the silence of space and the front gave him much of that as he was furthest from the engines.


Raised in a small society and calling themselves True Mandalorians, Ithan naturally began the trail of verd’goten at an early age. When the Clone wars reached its peak in the fighting, Ithan and his family sided with the Republic. When the birth of the Empire came, Ithan’s family walked out of the war. They stayed neutral throught the rest of the war. The clan of Bas’Katar was betrayed by an aruetii to the clan and a former friend to Ithan. Ithan was captured at the planet of Jarkim, five years later after the betrayal. He had during this time acquired the place of the man that sold his clan to the Empire. Ketro Steer, a man who earned a massive fortune in selling the artifacts of clan Bas’Katar. Ithan however is currently stuck in the imperial prison system.

Clan Bas’Katar crest


The clone wars

The demand for soldiers had never been higher for many generations. Ithan was fourteen when he had his first real war experience. During the battle for Denon the separatist took control over its largest city centre. Ithan was assigned as a sharpshooter support attached to his clan’s squad. Ithan had 26 confirmed clanker kills.

As a protector escort for Duchess Satine, Ithan had encounters with Death Watch. Two kids named Ketro Steer and Kayla Veruna helped Ithan uncover their plot to have her assassinated by the Death Watch soldiers pretending to be clone troopers. Ithan developed a friendship with them both.

During a space battle near The planet Maridun against the Separatist forces Ithan suffered a injury. His clan made a boarding attempt and he came to close to a breach charge, suffering no permanent damage but was evacuated before the battle was done.

During the Death Watch occupation of Kalevala, the clan of Bas’Katar was hired by Bo-Katan Kryze. After the death of both Pre Vizsla and Satine Kryze the city of Kalevala entered a period of civil war. When Ithan with his clan arrived they had little to do since the forces of prime minister Almec was almost depleted

Towards the end of the clone wars, Ithan took part in the battle of Tar Morden. The mission was to cut of droid production. The Mandalorians formed a pre-invasion force to infiltrate and put down the defense grid. Even under heavy resistance the commando unit made short work of the orbital defense systems and the full scale invasion began. Ithan and the rest of the commandos stayed here as a detachment to General Rasheke Mobius. When the supreme chancellor executed order 66, the Mandolins was forces off world due to infighting. During the revolt they stayed neutral not wishing to anger any side of the combatants.

The Dark Years

At the age of eighteen he married Kayla Veruna and together they had their son Kade Veruna and two daughters, Aarja and Rejna Veruna. They lived a modest life at Coruscant and had mostly their life settled for themselves. Ithan had split his life between bounty hunting and his speeder repair shop owned by a local speeder gang. His wife, also a bounty hunter choose to stay home with the kids at teach them the trade of a bounty hunter.

Ithan pursued his clans most valuable artifact, The Bas’Katar Honor Armor worn by Kordall Bas’Katar. Ithan had found a first piece of the armor on Malachor V and with a holomessage he called on one of his most trusted allies, Ketro. Ithan and Ketro arrived at Malachor V and searched for weeks until they found a backwater sith cult of some sort. Ithan scouted and searched the village and found that their temple held the helmet along side different other relics. Ithan called in nearly every member of the Clan and together they stormed the village. Even tough they took the villagers by surprise they did a little more then just defend themselves. They had Energy bows and Vibro swords that made life hard for the Bas’Katar clan. However it only prolonged the inevitable and the clan managed to acquire the helmet only to have it taken from them shortly thereafter. The victory celebration came to an end when they first lost contact with the Clan Frigate in orbit and shortly thereafter found themselves under bombardments from turbolaser batteries. And shortly thereafter drop ships with stormtroopers rained down on them. It was then Ithan saw their Clan leader Ilier get shot in the back by Ketro. Ilier dropped the relic helmet on the ground and Ketro picked it up. Ithan tried to kill Ketro in rage but was dragged away by his clansmen as stormtroopers filled the place. Ketro disappeared in the sea of white laminate armors.

All over the galaxy the Bas’Katar clan got hunted down and those who resisted where killed on the spot and those that surrendered got sent away for life to The Bakura Imperial Prison. The Imperial hunt was so hard on the clan that there where many innocent victims. Ithan was being chased by Ketro for a long time and got more and more frustrated as the chase kept going. Finally Ketro acted on a hunch, he believed Ithan to hide upon one of the clan cruise liners. Ketro attacked and obliterated the ship, only to find out that it was Kayla and her two daughters who traveled on the ship. Ithan did many attempts to get a hold of Ketro and kill him on sight several times but he was to well guarded and Ithan was alone in his venture. He would have to pick his battle.

The remnants of the once mighty clan now laid in ruins. Several other clans of the Mandalorians had refused to help because of the clans current fall from grace and the Empires sudden interested in destroying the clan. As Ithan had started to seek answers he would suffer the terrible death of his wife and two children. Even though the intended target was Ithan and not Kayla. Ithan fell into a determined trance to hunt down Ketro.

Present day

In the desolate cantina known as “Hakrans Star” a large slam could be heard from a booth in the corner. Many in the cantina never even raised a brow when they saw a bounty hunter apprehending yet another criminal in the undercity. Ithan pressed the the mans head hard against the metal table and held his vibro dagger to his cheek. Ithan talked calmly to the man who now had irregular breathing due to his panic.

“Tell me, I want the location on the one that calls himself the Plower.”
-“I will! I’l tell you! Just take the knife away!”

Ithans released the man who know rolled down into the booth.
The man took a grip around his broken arm and explained.

“He has a hideout on the orbital station Luertrek. He pays under the name of Taidon.”

Ithan listened to the man as he also inspected the mans comlink. Ithan crushed the comlink against the table and threw it back to the man. “Thanks for the help”. Ithan started walking away but the man drew his blaster pistol but the pain in his arm made him miss. Ithan turned around and placed a blaster shot from his rifle right in the mans gut, killing him instantly. Ithan had no time before a Imperial patrol of Imperial troopers charged in to the cantina. Ithan took this opportunity and ran towards the backside of the cantina until he reached a large balcony. The troopers where hot on his heels and seeing that he most likely would get executed on the spot Ithan chose to leave them with a frag grenade. Ithan fired his ascension cable on a bulk-lifter flying by in a traffic line and thus dragging Ithan with it. The troopers now arrived on the balcony as people fled when they first heard blaster shots. They ran up to the ledge and aimed to fire but the timed grenade went of. Ithan was relieved to be out of harms way. Or so he thought, because when he cut the wire and aimed for the crowd but Ithan was unfortunate to land next to a stormtrooper squad. They had just received word that a Mandalorian was causing havoc nearby and Ithan was the only suspect. The chase got a new tempo but this time Ithan had the opportunity of a large crowds to hide within. But the stormtroopers would not let up, they chased him to the tram stations where Ithan managed to attach himself to a moving freighter. The speed of the freighter took him out of harms way pretty fast.

Ithan now had time to ascend to Luertrek station and find the assassin. Apparently he had a thing for cage brawls. The thing was that The Plower did not play by the honor rules that the cage brawls had. It was true that no weapons where allowed in the brawl but The Plower had syringe implants in his palms that drugged his opponents. Ithan came across Krognac who had lost two of his best fighters against The Plower. Krognac vouched that he would ever be in Ithans dept if he ever got The Plower to stop killing his fighters. Ithan visited The Plower while he was changing in the locker room. Not expecting so much The Plower was strangled to death by Ithan with a wire from his wrist ascension gun. Krognac gave Ithan a small sum of credits for the trouble. But now however, Ithan had to track Ketro down.

At the Cantina on Luertrek station Ithan meet with Jerikko. Jerikko had been looking for a suitable fringe job for some while at Nar Shaddaa. Jerikko got enlisted by Ithan to help him find Ketro Steer. Together they acquired a ship mostly due to Jerikkos contacts. The one who lent them their ship was none other then Bargos the Hutt. He gave the two a ship that only had a few working things, most parts of the ship was decades old.

While on their way to Coruscant they stopped to refuel at the moon of Jarkim. The Imperial navy had somehow put up a blockade of the system. I order to fool the Imperials, Jerikko forged a plan that involved Jerikko listing Ithan as a passenger. Jerikko took the ship into to orbit and left Ithan behind. However Jerikko was unable to convince the Imperial officer to help and the Imperial fleet took the ship into compound. Ithan meet with a ground patrol and was captured a week later while on the run.

He was placed in a private prison, managed on behalf for the Empire. The prison was a small orbital station that could house 1000 inmates. However they had over crowded the cells and the entire prison contained over 2200 prisoners.

Ithan blacked out several times during his stay in prison. If it wasn’t by a beating from the other prisoners, it was from the most sadistic Imperial Guards going at him with their shock batons for the most trivial of oversteps. Ithan quickly learned the rules which was a good thing. Many tied from trying to learn the rules. The beatings were not the only dangers inside the prison. Once when Ithan slept the whole station crumbled and just like that, 180 prisoners and 20 guards where gone when a leak in the hull created a breach that killed them all. Ithan did not bother so much about it, he owed many who died extra meals anyway after he lost them in a game of sabacc.

When Ithan was forced down to the prison industry he meet his fellow inmate and mentor Ravuurn. Ravuurn was a fearsome man indeed and stood well over two meter tall. He was also stronger than Ithan. Ravuurn and Ithan formed a protective alliance and looked out for each other in times of need. By the end Ravuurn and Ithan was the two most feared prisoners in their block.

The time came for Ithans transfer and he was put on a private transport. However Ithan never reached his destination.

Ithan Bas'Katar

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