Lionel Dimarr

An old company man, lost in the Outer Rim.


Czerka personell file #87251947
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Subject: Dimarr, Lionel
Species: Human
Origin: Alderaan
Homeworld: Bespin
Hometown: Cloud City
Next of kin: Dimarr, Alia
Trainings: Basic Educational Program (BEP), Basic Diplomatic Course (BDC), Advanced Core Education (ACE), Advanced Core Education II (ACE2)
Function: Negotiator, procurer
Stationed: n/a
Status: Wanted
Threat assessment: Low

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> Transcript of TK-853142’s report on the incident at the Guilded Pazaak Deck, Cloud City

Me and my partner were called out to reinforce TK-1171492 and his patrol that were called on scene to apprehend a wanted terrorist. When we arrived, the cantina were already in a state of chaos. The floor was covered with broken furnitures and bodies laid all over the place. The only person alive and in a vital status was that young man, now identified as Lionel Dimarr. He was standing next to an alien, since he did not adhere our call for him to surrender, we opened fire. As we already stated at the debriefing, we have no idea on how he could get away, but he must have snuck out through the back door.

> End transcript…

> Lt. Fell‘s report on the incident
“Sir, I’ve received reports of anti-imperial terrorism at the Guilded Pazaak Deck, a local cantina at the 67th level of Cloud City. A rebel may have used restricted weaponry to cause chaos and the body count reveals 54 dead and no survivors. Damages made to the premises indicate that the weapon used were of high energy and probably handheld and used in close combat, much like a vibro-axe, but the damages caused to the walls suggest that the weapon was something more powerful than a simple vibro-axe. Aside from the attached report from trooper TK-853142 we have no statements or witnesses. But the person we are looking for has been identified as Czerka employee Lionel Dimarr and we have posted an imperial warrant for his arrest."
> End transcript…

After the encounter with the Imperial Stardestroyer, Lionel has shown signs of more erratic thinking. Becoming more prone to jump to conclusions, be more skittish and perhaps most apparently: Increasingly paranoid.

Dreams of hope and despair

Lionel Dimarr

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