L0-01 "Lookout"

The broken parts of the probe-droid from Oridelve.


Lookout was a probe/scout-droid who was reprogrammed by Oridelve to handle maintenance and interplanetary driving. He was seemingly forced to act with a restraingingbolt attached. There was something special about the droid.

He was in serious condition when the adventurers of Twilight Flash brought him on the ship after having been shot, point blank, with a heavy blaster rifle.

Only a skillfull mechanic with far too much time could ever repair him.

Lookout was seriously damaged from the shot and need several new parts, as well as time and a lot of effort to be repaired. Unfortunately, buying all parts could very well end up costing more than a new droid in the long run, but then again, this was no normal droid. Is it worth it? You decide.

The following parts need to be new:
* Aritech FG-21 Occular sensor-lens with a copted ionized sensor array x2 (Minimum Mechanics 2, Daunting roll)
* Hover-core engine with triple stabilizer flaps (Minimum Mechanics 2, Hard roll. (dangerous))
* Light-weight plasti-steel cover plates (can be skipped, but the droid will be seriously easy to damage) (Minimum Mechanics 1, Average roll)
* Andoridan octo-core coprocessor unit (part of the droid-brain was damaged, the rest could probably be repaired) (Minimum Mechanics 3, Daunting roll)
* Dismantled interior mounted hold-out blaster (Minimum Mechanics 2, Average roll)
* Possibly more

L0-01 "Lookout"

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