Vobrin Jerikko

A self appointed captain and master explorer from the Outer Rim.


Vobrin Jerikko aka “the would be famous explorer” had it all planed, his biggest undertaking so far was to find a new trade route to a newly discovered mining world near Excarga in the outer rim. Greatly sponsored by Czerca Arms who, although needed some convincing on Jerikkos part, chipped in with both ship and crew. Now shoulder deep in in a shitty credit dept his plans where foiled by Alderaan‘s destruction. It was the one place where the expedition was currently camped on and it was also ready for departure. Just waiting for their captain, Jerikko, who according to witnesses at the time where at the Cheery Skirt a nudity bar on Coruscant perusing the local wares. If it’s true? Well then what a kreetle snicker.

His origin is vague, supposedly found when he was a small child surrounded by his deceased family on a crashed ship out in the sands of Tatooine. Sold as a slave to the infamous Roy Nyine by the scavengers who found him and later in his early teens, escape captivity in a cargo crate filled with droid-parts bound for Naar Shaddaa. On Naar Shaddaas space port he was forced to beg for scraps and there is where “she” found him. the elderly female twi’lek by the alias of Madame Rane who took pity on him, or perhaps she saw some hidden potential in the boy. Either way she started him as an attendant on her trader Swiftflight and raised him in the arts of spacefaring and made him the man he is today. Now… if you say you saw him here, in this very bar last night. Then you can bet a particular corporation will arrive shortly asking very specific questions.

Bartender Jan De Waan, on cantina The Two Torpedos Naar Shaddaa

Vobrin Jerikko

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