The Bas'Katar Honor Armor

The famous armor worn by Kordall, the hero of clan Bas'Katar


Known pieces


  • Helmet last seen being held by Ketro

The armor of Kordall Bas’Katar. Kordall was the right hand of Mandalore the Ultimate until they both meet their end by Revan in the Battle of Malachor V. Kordall was the greatest hero in the Bas’Katar clan and his armor was told to hold relics and power of a lost time. The Bas’Katar clan pursued to find all pieces and complete the set so their ancestor could rest and the clan would be known for its glory once again.

Ithan found the armor to hold potential to make his own suit worthy his Mandalorian ancestor Kordall and wish to make the rest of the clan proud once again.

The Bas'Katar Honor Armor

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