Trex Heavy Blaster

A custom heavy blaster pistol Trex dropped before he escaped

weapon (ranged)
Name Skill Dam Crit Range Encum HP Price Rarity Special
Trex Heavy Blaster Ranged (light) 71 3 Medium 2 02 7003 8 Shatter 14, Inaccurate ()

1 A weapon with a heater array has its damage decreased by -1 but gains the Shatter 1 quality (see below). A weapon with Blaster Actuating Module has it’s damage increased by one.

2 Three total, three used (1 for Blaster Actuating Module, 2 for Heat Array)

3 This is a customized weapon, it’s prize is hard to meassure. It could be worth a lot to the right buyer.

4 Trex gun is fitted with a rather unique modification (for pistols anyway) that enables him to deteriorate enemy armor. All values are already accounted for in the table above.

Shatter (Passive)
Weapons with the Shatter quality decrease the soak value of their target’s armor. Each time a target is struck with a Shatter weapon, their armor’s soak value decreases by -1. This occurs even if the target takes no Wounds. The soak value may be decreased to a maximum of the number of Shatter ranks of the weapon. For example, a Shatter 3 weapon can only decrease the soak quality of its target’s armor a maximum of 3 times. This effect stacks in the case of multiple Shatter weapons used against a single target.


The bounty hunter and slaver Trex carried a personal and illegal Heavy Blaster pistol he was very fond of. Based on a TDR-P 24 “Blackspot” the blaster had been heavily customized.

The blaster had been fitted with heater arrays, usually only found on rare blaster rifles used by imperial commandos. The attachment used a secondary cyclotron to inject super-heated plasma fluid into the weapon’s firing chamber. This drained the energy of the bolt, but creates a “splashing” effect which had significant residual damage on hardened targets, decreasing their armor’s effectiveness.

To compensate for the weakened bolts, Trex resently fitted the blaster with a Actuating Module.

Trex Heavy Blaster

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