Tag: Droid


  • C-21 Highsinger

    C-21 Highsinger's past was all but unknown, though it was believed that the droid was the only one of his kind. Highsinger's servomotors and manipulators were carefully designed, creating uncanny reflexes that resulted in a high level of combat prowess. …

  • EV-8D3

    Leader of the droid revolutionaries in the Oridelve mining complex. Seemed to have no problem sacrificing his own revolutionaries, claiming that they were martyrs to the cause. [[A tale of two Droids | A tale of two Droids]]

  • R2-B7

    Astromech unit who was responsible for maintaining the mining equipment on the Oridelve mining base on Gavos, life support system and storm barriers before joining [[:ev-8d3 | EV-8D3]]'s cause. It was suspected that he was much more intelligent that …

  • B9-4R5-GE3

    [[Czerka Arms]] Protocol Droid B9-4R5-GE3 was assigned to [[:lionel-dimarr | Lionel Dimarr]] as a tutor, mentor and nanny. Commonly referred to by Lionel as Bee-Nine. Bee-Nine had a hard-wired protocol to never take any action that might endanger …