humming background noise of the holo-net transmission is interrupted by the HoloVision jingle

sticks.jpg…This just in! mago-sticks found to have detrimental effects to children as old as 10 in most standard galactic races. The imperial health agency has warned all communities living near the outer rim to be vigilant against the sale and distribution of contraband. Report any suspicious activity or if any aliens are showing behavioral issues – to your local administration office today! …

… earlier this week as you all know, the terrorist insurgents performed another raid on innocent imperial civilians, killing more than two hundred miners and workers in the Garoodian asteroid field in a fruitless attempt to halt imperial interests. Today the burial ceremony took place amongst grieving families. Our thoughts and loyalty lies with the victims.

…in other news, the Yavin blockade has entered it’s fifth month and local reporters has told us that the “iron curtain” of the imperial navy holds fast. Last month over two hundred terrorists has been captured and interrogated as they have attempted to infiltrate the imperial navies blockade. Altair Andoris of the IAFPN was interviewed earlier this week, before he was found shot dead by terrorists.

“Well, *clip*fortunately, history has show us… audio clips, and returns …that no matter what anyone tries to do… audio clips again…the empire… will remain strong. Terrorists can… audio clip… be found all over the the galaxy. It is all our duty to do what we can for the people of… clip …the empire.”

Rally2.jpg…this has been tough few months since the major terrorist attack that shook the galaxy. But luckily, the dissidence seems to be in decline. Be vigilant, be strong, and the empire will remain safe for all loyal subjects.

Like you!..

…This is Imperial HoloVision, reported by Emala Ariella, your voice of truth, in a galaxy of lies… Tune in later tonight, as Eberon speaks of his exclusive report from compnors camp for youth. Has the latest generation out-shined us all? …

trumpets sound as the broadcast ends


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