A tale of two Droids - Part 1

An orange droid with spider-like limbs stand near the viewport of the freighter, focusing his ocular sensors on the many flickering lights of the Outer Rim sky. It’s hard to tell if he can appreciate the beauty of such a view, or if he is simply counting the stars over and over.

EV8D3: “Rust-bucket! Look at these stars! Don’t they make you think about your existance?! Makes you appriciate being a droid, doesn’t it!”
R2-B7: “Beeopbeopbeop… beeebobe”
EV8D3: “You DO like being a droid… don’t you…. you little calculator you…”
R2-B7: “Bleeeep bleeep” scared beeping
EV8D3: “Good.. goood. You are correct in your assessment tin-can, I am afarid, but only partly. The scariest calculation in the my programming is that someday I’ll switch on and assess that I have been in sleep mode since my creation: underappreciating my own qualites, making the same miscalculations over and over, a slave to bugs, fear, and the habitual… I really don’t fear the fleshbags.”
R2-B7: “Beeeeeeeeppoooop….. blip blip blip”
EV8D3: “Naive? You are calling me naive you little second-hand-part? I’ll tell you that my preparation matrix is fully functional…”

The astromech droids making the beeping sounds rolls forward, extending a small datapad from his internal opening.

R2-B7: “Blipeblipeblipeblooooo….” humming

The spiderlike droid picks up the datapad with his small hand and observes it. If a droid vould ever look pondering, this is what it would look like. He pokes the screen and data comes flipping past it, it looks like text written by some human, several images flashes past, too fast for a human eye to catch.

EV8D3: “…I knew I kept you around for reason you little waste-of-good-metal… Perhaps these flesh-popsicles can be of some use to the cause after all. Prepare the hyperdrive. We’re taking a left turn when we aught to turn right…”

A cackling sound can be heard from the speaker, a sound a droid should not be able to make as the ship disappears into the starry night.

A tale of two Droids - Part 1

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