Baroness Rozina

Rozina.jpg Rozina Terwyn was born to a Duke Emryn Terwyn within House Koord, wealthy noble familiy within the Tapani sector.

At the age of three, her studies showed she had an aptitude for puzzles and at the age of ten, she was fascinated with art. When she was of age, Rozina was admitted to the University of Koord. After that, she followed in her mother’s footsteps and entered into the medical profession. Rozina graduated and her father had urged her to enter politics. "Ambassador Rozina has a nice ring to it,” he often said. She had a small desire to become a public servant, and even a small desire to be a doctor even though none of these was actually her dreams. While Rozina never much displayed a desire to enter combat or the military, her father’s pressuring comments and actions began to shift her mind into a direction that her cousin Dreg had taken.

Dreg was a Moff in the Imperial service.

Rozina sought to escape from her fathers clutching will, but living in the shadow of the Empire makes such things hard.

Baroness Rozina

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