The founding of the clan stretches back almost four millenias in the galactic history. The creation of the clan was made possible of the rapid expansions of the Mandalorian crusades when they conquered many new territories. The clan settled on a newly conquered planet that would be called Dran’asta III. Dranasta was a rough death world and gave the new colonists more then a challenge to survive. The clans first decades upon the planet was hard and the clan suffered a small decline in its population. But then, following the death of Mandalore the Indomitable, Mandalore the Ultimate took his place. Mandalore the Ultimate led his people to believe in a fabled story about the last great war. Mandalore the Ultimate created a army of neo-crusaders so vast that nothing seemed to could have stopped them. In the fore of his mighty vanguard Mandalore the Ultimate chose to place Kordall. Retaining the seat for his most trusted advisor to Cassus Fett.

During the conquests of the fringe worlds Mandalore adopted many ideas for his army from the planet of Mandalore. Kordall was placed there in the beginning to oversee the recruitment. That made most of the members of the Bas’Katar clan to follow. Soon Kordall had created his own stronghold with his clansmen on Mandalore for which would stand for millenias. The death of Mandalore and Kordall put the clan in odds against the Republic. It sufferd great loss of wealth and had to abandon their colony on Dran’asta III and moving it all to Mandalore.

The years past and during the Great Galactic War a new front figure took shape for Bas’Katar, Aldrea the Mad. She made radical changes to the clan and it increased its power and became more united during her years. however at the cost of the great wealth of the clan it had massed during its crusader years.

Present Day

Over thousands of years the clan slowly rebuilt its fame and was near its peak during the Clone Wars. Their celebrations of becoming on of the great clans once again was short lived when the clan was betrayed by a trusted outsider to the clan. The Galactic Empire had somehow come to believe that the clan was part of a new separatist alliance. Many scattered with the wind and hidden themselves on remote places. Other hides in plane site. Many have gone to such extent to throw of the their Mandalorian culture and leave it in a past in which they now cant live. Others haven even joined other great clans.

Renowned Bas’Katar clansmen


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