“Czerka Corporation. Centuries of service—a heritage to be proud of. Now accepting lifetime-employment applications…”
―Holoboard on Coruscant.

Czerka Arms, also known as Czerka Weapons, formerly known as the Czerka Corporation, and founded as Czerka Mining and Industrial, was a galaxy-spanning business during the reigns of the Galactic Republic, Sith Empire and the Galactic Empire.

It controlled interests on Korriban, Kashyyyk, Tatooine, Telos IV and to a smaller extent Trandosha, Taris and Dantooine along with countless other planets. The corporation exported many of their weapons to Justa Starport on Mutanda.Czerka_Corporation.png

Czerka, at least in its earlier days, was widely known as a successful, if unscrupulous, corporation. Illegal and unethical revenue-generating practices were tolerated, sometimes encouraged, by its sectoral officers so long as the flow of credits was uninterrupted and word did not leak out. Likewise, the politics of its customers were overlooked for the sake of lucrative markets. Also, as might be expected in such a corporation, rumors spread of profiteering; particularly that Czerka officials had allowed starvation of colonists when their high prices were not met. This distaste did not, however, compromise Czerka’s income.

During the Old Republic Era, Czerka was a sponsor in the Hutt-run death game, Huttball, supplying many of the death traps used in the popular sport. One of Czerka’s most foolhardy projects was the creation of the HK-51 assassin droid, modelled after HK-47. A large shipment was purchased by the Sith Empire, but disappeared somewhere over Belsavis.

CCHFTP.jpgCzerka also engaged in the illicit slave trade. During the Jedi Civil War, Wookiees from Kashyyyk, regarded as savage brutes because of their animalistic speech and appearance, were a prime source. Violent resistance by the Wookiees reinforced this belief. Nevertheless, negotiations with the usurper Chuundar led to a mutual aid agreement in which Czerka supplied him with weapons with which to enforce his rule and he supplied Czerka with slaves. As previously described, this agreement was ended when Revan aligned himself with Chuundar’s deposed father Freyyr and encouraged a revolt. Chuundar was killed, and Czerka evicted.

On Telos IV, Czerka’s illicit actions came to light and caused repercussions for the whole corporation. Under the effective leadership of Jana Lorso, encroachments were made into the Ithorians within Chodo Habat’s reconstruction team’s sphere of influence. Alliance with the Exchange and deft exploitation of Telos’ own laws enabled Lorso to steadily marginalize the Ithorians. The arrival of Meetra Surik changed this. Befriending Chodo and his herd, she gathered information which exposed Czerka’s activities.


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