Dreams of hope and despair - Part 2

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The heartbeat pounded like an automated hammer in Lionel’s chest as he ran through the dim alleys, his breath was shallow and rapid and his spit tasted of blood from exhaustion as he skid around a corner with his blaster trained at the back of the cloaked figure ahead of him.

He had been at the planet for a long time, exactly how long time was not something Lionel had focused on, and now that he was on the trail of his target, he didn’t care anymore. As he rounded the corner the mysterious man was vanished. Lionel stopped dead in his tracks and he started to scan the gloomy area ahead of him. There were several dark places, big enough to hide a full grown person, above him fire-escapes crisscrossed the facades of the derelict buildings. Suddenly as if a voice called out in his mind, Lionel hurled himself far to his left, performing a deft roll back to his feet as a volley of blaster bolts struck the ground where he just had been standing. He spun around and with his eyes tried to track down his assailant.

Prey-2-2.jpg- “HE’S NOT ALONE!” the voice in Lionel’s mind declared, he was getting used to this strange impulses by now, “GO LEFT!” Lionel didn’t hesitate, he took a leap to his left and another roll as a series of shots rained down from the roof, red blaster bolts ripping through the wet Nar-Shaddaa air. A flashing image crossed his inner eye, an image of suffering, the groaning and contorted face of the pilot as he was shot down in an ambush. A thin film of cold sweat gathered at Lionel’s brow and threatened to run down into his eyes as he now spotted the rooftop sniper, realizing that he had no chance of hitting true with his small blaster pistol, Lionel resorted to getting out of the way.

His friend, the pilot, had talked about his childhood at this planet, he was excited to return to Nar-Shaddaa, ‘how come I cannot recall his name?’ Lionel thought to himself. It was as if he never existed! The thought shocked Lionel on a level never experienced before and this moment of faltering was all needed. A jolt of pain shot through his shoulder and spread like a Klatoonian bush-fire through his body and the synthetic fabric of his jacked melted down from the blaster hit. He stumbled across the gap in the wall and with an increasing sickening feeling to his stomach, Lionel stumbled into a new alley and let the darkness engulf him…

Dreams of hope and despair - Part 2

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