Ithan's Family

Ithans Family

Kayla Veruna
Born: 36 BBY, Correlia
Died: 5 BBY, Bas’Katar cruise liner
Kayla was the wife of Ithan and mother to his children. She was also an experienced warrior and had fought as a volunteer in the clone wars. She was also a friend to Ketro before she even had met Ithan.

Aarja Bas’Katar
Born: 19 BBY, Coruscant
Died: 5 BBY, Bas’Katar cruise liner
The only child to be acknowledged as a true Mandalorian by the clan of Bas’Katar. Ithan had trained her himself and she showed much promise to become a weapon expert. She was often seen as the most obedient compared to her siblings. And it could not be any closer to the truth, she was in fact so dedicated that she would without hesitation take a blaster shoot for the clan. Something Ithan had feared she would do eventually.

Rejna Veruna
Born: 17 BBY, Coruscant
Died: 5 BBY, Bas’Katar cruise liner
The rebel child that never wished to follow in her father footsteps. From the day she formed her own opinion to the last time Ithan saw her she always opposed the Empire, even before they went for the clan of Bas’Katar. She learned from a very early age how to ride a speeder and by 10 years she was constantly testing her luck in daring flight tours with “borrowed” starship.

Kade Veruna
Born: 10 BBY, Coruscant
Youngest child to Ithan. In the troubled past of the Clan and with the Empire at their throats Kade disapeard some time after the death of his mother.

Ithan's Family

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