Ithan's Goals

Goal I

Establish a base of operation that also can act as a safe heaven for other members of the Bas’Katar clan and its allies. It will have to be large and secluded, either built from scratch or rebuild a old/damaged one. Or claming one by force if necessary. But it requires that it fills a bunch of diffrent criterias.

1. Large Hangar space for multiple ships or several landing and docking bays.

2. Large interior that can house a large number of persons.

3. Working or fixable powercore.

4. Room for improvment in all kinds of areas.

Goal 2

Complete projects

Goal 3

Recruit new members to the clan and take on the burden as head of the clan if needed to. And aquire spaceships, best choice being several Gozanti Cruisers. Retrofitting them with hangars.

Goal 4

Complete goal 1-3 before doing goal 5

Goal 5

Kill the traitor Ketro Steer.

Ithan's Goals

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