Moog and the Two-nine-ers

One of the oddities of the outer rim was the all droid band “Moog and the Two-nine-ers” or “Moog and his all droid jizz-band”. Some of the bands many hits included “My binary soul has many numbers”, “1010011001111” (and the less popular but still hit-followup “1010011001111-2”). Thier repertoir covered many love-songs, like “I tuned my frequenzy to you baby”, “My oculars overheat at your sight” and the ever so smut “Let me put my scomp link in your utility-port”.

Lately, the bands has taken a darken tone in the tunes, producing popular but sad songs such as “I wish my core would overheat”, “Working my processor to the limit for my masters pleasure”, “My azure monitor of doom” and “I lost my love to a Jawa-scrapper”.


Other current members of the band included “R4-B3”, “B4-U”, “8T-F4” and the refurbished cooking droid (henceforth drummer) “Nooker”.

Lately, the band had also experimented with adding voice-modulation in the single “Rusting in the Rim”

1 The ommni box was a notoriously hard-to-play instrument which enhanced music, and was commonly used in jizz. It was usually used as an amplifier to attenuate and alter the bass aspects of the music, with such sophisticated parts as the thwee and bwom pedals.

Moog and the Two-nine-ers

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