A long time ago…
…in a galaxy far far away.

Chapter 1


It is a dark time for the galaxy. Striking from the hidden base, THE REBEL ALLIANCE has destroyed the evil GALACTIC EMPIRE’s powerful Death Star. Now, Imperial forces strike back, throwing the galaxy in to the first large scale war in decades.

In the midst of conflict, countless planets suffer under Imperial tyranny. Many flee oppression to build new lives beyond the bounds of civilization.

On the edge of the Empire, a group of scoundrels, crooks and explorers has managed to group together by what they think is the greed of the Hutts. Little do they know…

…that destiny awaits.

Viktig info!

För att hålla bättre koll på vilka artiklar, npcs och utrustning som är godkänd och implementerad i storyn så har jag infört följande:

När ni skapar nya karaktärer, npcs, platser och liknande, lägg in “Pending GM approval” som tagg i artikeln.

När jag har läst det, kommer jag sedan lägga in antingen:

Not GM approved eller GM approved


Ithan of Clan Bas’Katar – played by Alexander
Vobrin Jerikko – played by Robin
Lionel Dimarr – played by Martin
Bana Stazi – played by Malin

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Getting started:

Dual Fates

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