Small Twi'lek child carrying a large secret


Noohna was a young Twi’lek child encountered in the mining camp of New Meen on Ryloth.
The girl was obviously stowed away in the remote mining camp to keep her safe since only her physical attributes would make her a prime target to scrupulous slavers in the galaxy knowing that red-skinned Twi’lek paid more credits than any other colored of their kind.


At first the troupe did not really pay much attention to the population of the camp, but the small girl known as Noohna caught the attention of Lionel Dimarr and before long he sensed a connection to the girl, a connection based on a possibly shared fate.
Noohna also displayed an uncanny knack for lifting objects from others, especially curious about Lionel’s crystal that he kept tucked away in a bag on his utility belt. As the troupe were to leave New Meen and Ryloth, Lionel mentioned Noohna to Nyn Kablo whom immediately responded in a very defensive manner regarding the girls safe-being.


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