humming background noise of the holo-net transmission is interrupted by the HoloVision jingle

…in Imperial HoloNews today! Another cowardly terrorist attack took place today in sector S12, watched over by the unproven Moff Abridon Loff. A cowardly unmanned space-ship of unknown origin was piloted or programmed to run straight into the command-bridge of an imperial star destroyer. Fiercely loyal tie-fighter pilots skilfully destroyed the ship before it came close enough to hit the bridge but loose parts fell over several sectors of the ship. Imperial statistics bureau reports at least 40 casualties and 8 confirmed deaths. The HoloNews networks thoughs go with the friends and families, and we strongly condemn the cowardly attacks against the protectors of our galactic freedoms. …

400px-Battle_of_Taanab.jpg…A small skirmish has been reported between pirates from the planet Norulac and a local defence forces near Taanab in the Taanab system of the inter Rim. With the aid of the minuscule imperial presence the local defence force was able to stave of the attack with the cunning of the imperial agents. An unknown dark skinned human individual has been reported to fight on the side of the defence force, but this has been shown to been false information and a result of rebel propaganda. …

…Following the death of Altair Andoris of the IAFPN last week the glorious empire as stepped up the efforts in the Yavin blockade. All imperial reports show that the might of the empire is stronger than ever, and that the war is slowly, but steadily being won.

Remember the star of death. Remember the fallen…

…This is Imperial HoloVision, reported by Emala Ariella, your voice of truth, in a galaxy of lies… Tune in later tonight, as the lovely Minoa presents our galactic monthly special “In memory of our fallen”, where we follow several families communities affected by last years terrorist attack on the Imperial Star.

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