Klatooine was the arid homeworld of the Klatooinians. It was located within the Si’Klaata Cluster, under Hutt control. It was covered with deserts, canyons and savannas with little to no life except for the Klatooinians.

Klatooine was ruled by the Council of Elders. The Hutts, however, controlled all Klatooinian activities offworld. The pak’pah fruit was found nowhere else in the galaxy, possibly because of wintrium in the soil.

It was home to the Derelkoos Desert, the location of a fissure that spurted a fountain of liquid wintrium. No technology was allowed one kilometer around this Fountain of Ancients, which the Klatooinians revered as a holy site.

Shortage of water was a problem resulting in many moisture farma but would alao be solved by settlements building their houses ontop of water sources.

Both the Lesser Houdoggin and paddy frogs that Hutt’s saw as delicacies, came from Klatooine.


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